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Altamont Scrimshaw

Please note that despite being pictured on all 1911 panels, Altamont Scrimshaw products are available on a variety of grips. However, we currently only offer the scrimshaw art featured in the gallery below.

The process to order a Scrimshaw grip is as follows:
  1. Choose the plain/smooth grip from anywhere on the website.
    -     If there is more than one style of grip available, please specify the style you want. We are able to put scrimshaw on almost all of the smooth style grips on the website.
    -     Scrimshaw will show up best on the Bonded Ivory or White Pearl material. If you select any other material, the scrimshaw art will be engraved on your grip of choice, but not filled in with color.
  2. Choose the scrimshaw art you would like put on your grip from the gallery below. We will only need the last 4 numbers/letters of the PN printed on the picture. For example, "SA00" or "SA01".
  3. Choose whether you would like only one side with scrimshaw ($20 in addition to the cost of the chosen grip) or both sides with scrimshaw ($30 in addition to the cost of the chosen grip).
  4. If ordering a Colt or Smith & Wesson grip, please let us know if you would like to add medallions for $10 extra.
  5. Email ([email protected]) or call us (1-800-626-5774) with your choices above and we will arrange a custom order for you. Please be aware that scrimshawed items are made to order and may have a lead time of 4-5 weeks.