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Custom 1911


When John Hancock penned his flourishing signature to the Declaration of Independence, he made a bold statement. “There,” he declared, “I guess King George will be able to read that without his spectacles!” Courage was the first virtue of the American Revolution and has been the hallmark of American patriotism ever since.

That spirit of style and boldness is captured in the American Patriot, designed and crafted by Altamont. Deep relief engraving that requires no magnification rises from the slide, as a powerful eagle soars across a background of stripes. Thirteen full stars, representing the thirteen original Colonies, are engraved on each side of the slide housing. Combined with the custom star front-strap checkering, Fifty full stars representing the Fifty States are engraved on the slide and frame. Rich walnut grips with engraved screws are inlaid with engraved rosewood panels.

Built on a custom Kimber platform, each firearm is fully functional and intended for use. With a bright satin finish on the stainless steel slide, there are no susceptible areas to damage or weak points to scratch. All Altamont grips have a lifetime warranty.

Altamont Co. is a family owned and operated business that has served the firearms industry for decades. Founded by Kenneth and Denise Enright, we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary with a special project demonstrating our design capabilities and master craftsmanship, executed by members of the family. Commissioned by Kenneth Enright, this firearm was designed and engraved by Merlin Enright. Chester and Sayre Enright produced the photography and visual resources. The grips were produced by Patrick Enright.

Each firearm has a custom ‘ALT’ serial number. Limited Stainless Edition. One of 300.

See listings on GunBroker HERE.



See listings on GunBroker HERE.