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About ALTAMONT® Stocks

ALTAMONT® has been making long gun stocks for rifles and shotguns in our Thomasboro plant for decades - hundreds of thousands of them. We focused on producing stocks for the major gun companies. Often we did their specialty, higher end stocks. Here we learned our craft with hard won experience - and overcoming plenty of problems and mistakes - in: stock inletting, surface carving, using different materials, new ways of sanding and finishing and especially our new designs and technical approaches to checkering and textures. We like to do things differently.

Altamont Rifle Stocks Altamont Rifle Stocks

We control our stock materials carefully. With American Black Walnut (regular walnut) we buy logs and custom cut and cure the walnut to our specifications. We have good experience with the high end English Walnut that is normally used on more expensive rifles. We have been able to buy in volume to make it more affordable. We make our own Dymondwood (primarily for our pistol grips) here in our plant, and we have careful control of the colored Stratobond laminated birch veneer for the more functional long gun stocks. Our experience allows us to think that we know what we are doing in making superior gun stocks.

We are now going to offer more of our gunstocks to individuals in the aftermarket. We hope the designs and craftsmanship of these stocks are pleasing to shooters, hunters, and gun enthusiasts.

Before changing a stock, make sure the gun is unloaded. Make sure the stock fits without interference with the trigger or firing mechanism. For the larger - especially, magnum - calibers, we ask and direct that a competent gunsmith, fit, bed, and check the rifle with the new stock.

These apply to the individual stocks. They will give out information on receiver variations, how to fit and assemble the stock and things to avoid. They will also give with length of pull and other relevant specifications. Please read them for the stocks you are interested in.