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Ruger 10/22

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Ruger 10/22 | Altamont Company

Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)

Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC) Large Picture
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Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)Small Picture
Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)Small Picture
Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)Small Picture
Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)Small Picture
Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)Small Picture
Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)Small Picture

The Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC) is an innovative stock that we made for a European designer. The stock is skeletonized. The buttpad and the cheek piece are adjustable - see pictures - for a precise personalized fit. One key design element is the hand grip which has a comfortable angle with palm swell and thumb ledge. It is also flexible for the hand hold location something most useful in a pure hunting stock. The forend is wide with stippled checkering and again allows flexible but secure hand positioning. The stock has good balance for hunting and offhand shooting. It comes quickly on target.

We make this stock out of Stratobond birch veneer laminate for stability and robustness. Texturing is stipple - non slip, but not too aggressive. A variety of colors are available.


Buttpad Adjustment: The horizontal buttpad adjustment is accomplished by taking out the buttpad screw and adding or removing one of the serrated spacers. This allows a tough, stable length of pull that will not vary with use or abuse (i.e. slamming the butt of the rifle down on the buttpad).

The vertical adjustment of the buttpad is accomplished by loosening the buttpad assembly and moving the serrated spacer and buttpad up or down. See the picture. The serrations of the spacer will engage the base pad. When tightened up the buttpad will hold its position without movement despite recoil or rough treatment.

Cheek Piece Adjustment: Simply loosen the retaining bolts and the adjustable cheek piece can be moved up and down to the appropriate height.

Ruger 10/22 KKC Example Ruger 10/22 KKC Example

Weight: 2 lbs, 11.2 oz
Length of Pull: 13.25", 13.8", 14.25"
Overall Length: 31"
Action/Barrel: Target (.920")
Material: Stratobond laminate

Swivel studs installed.


Altamont Ruger 10/22 Installation Guide1     Altamont Ruger 10/22 Installation Guide2