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Altamont's ruger Grips

We offer grips for the Blackhawk (and the frame related revolvers) in both the revolver Classic Panels and Oversize Finger Grooves.  ALTAMONT® makes the Classic Panel style in the three Super Woods, the Imitation White Pearl, and the Bonded Ivory.   We offer the Super Woods and the Bonded Ivory grips in smooth or cut checkered. 

The Oversize Finger Grooves grip provides the shooter a firmer feel and better control.  The revolver does not roll up in the hand with the recoil while this larger grips surface absorbs more of the recoil.  These features are important in big bore hunting and target shooting.

ALTAMONT® makes the Oversize Finger Grooves style grips in the three Super Woods and the Bonded Ivory.  We offer the Super Woods smooth or with Low Profile Checkering.